The 4D Imaging Radar that Meets YOUR Needs

Unprecedented performance, low cost, and complete flexibility to integrate into YOUR systems

Raising the Bar

Object recognition, both static and dynamic, in all environments

Know what’s coming your way:

Ultra long-range imaging, identifying objects over 400 meters away.


Get a broad view:

See objects, both static and dynamic, at a wide angle. 10X resolution in wide FOV, and higher maximal range and resolution without reducing FOV.


Identify objects accurately:

High-resolution azimuth, elevation, distance, and relative velocity distinctly identifies closely-clustered objects.

Ultimate Flexibility

Our radar is chip and DSP agnostic, easily integrating into YOUR systems. We use off-the-shelf components, reducing risk, cost, time-to-market, and certification processes. Use of of-the-shelf components also allows us to focus our technology on what we do best: achieving outstanding performance.

Our Technology:
Under the Radar Hood

We start with off-the-shelf 77GHz chips and then add in our technology: proprietary algorithms, a patented antenna, and novel system architecture.
Proprietary Imaging Algorithms:
  • AI-driven proprietary radar processing
  • Object classification and fusion with
    camera using radar image
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Patented Antenna:
  • Novel antenna design
  • 3D mechanical design for the
    entire radar
  • High gain, dynamic range.
  • Low manufacturing cost
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Novel System Architecture:

  • Two radar chips
  • Small size
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The RadSee Difference

RadSee’s 4D imaging radar was designed to deliver outstanding performance. It was also designed with the flexibility for easy integration into existing systems, and the low cost needed for widespread adoption.

About Us

The RadSee team combines deep automotive, academic, managerial and entrepreneurial experience, with over 50 registered patents and more than three decades of algorithmic and electrical engineering expertise.

Arnon Afgin

Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Dani Rafaeli

Co-Founder and CSO

Greg Lerner



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